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    If this is a rental property, a property owner and a tenant family cannot both have amenity access assigned to the same property address. All assessments must be paid with a zero balance in order for pool wrist bands to be issued. If you are unsure about your assessment balance please call 713-772-4420 and ask for the Collections Dept.

    Gate access cards are limited to ONE per residence issued at no charge. One additional card may be purchased for $25, payable by check to Quail Forest HOA and replacement cards are $25. If a code gets lost or stolen, you should report it to CMC so the card can be turned off. Guests can come to the pool with a resident who has a valid access card. Please keep your new access card because they will be used year after year with the pool gate being shut down after swim season but tennis available year round. Anyone that is delinquent on assessments in future years will have their card deactivated until the account is paid in full.

    Names and ages of all residents who live in the home FULL TIME. Adult owners need not indicate their ages.

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    In consideration for the privilege of using the swimming pool and facilities of Quail Forest and other good and valuable consideration, the undersigned hereby elect to, and do, assume all risk for claims heretofore or hereafter arising from the subject of this Release, in favor of the undersigned, his heirs, executors, administrators, successors or assigns, and hereby knowingly and voluntarily expressly release said Quail Forest Homeowners Association Inc., its agents, officers, employees or aides from all liability or claims, demands and costs for or arising out of injuries or damages sustained while using the swimming pool and facilities of Quail Forest, or by the negligence of the undersigned. Further, the undersigned agrees to abide by and be bound by the rules and regulations for the operation and safety of the swimming pool and facilities of Quail Forest. The undersigned has read this release and understands all its terms. The undersigned executed this Release voluntarily and with full knowledge of its significance.

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