It is a non-profit organization, similar to a small city government, which is chartered with the State of Texas. The main responsibilities are to govern the community through the recorded rules and regulations (Deed Restrictions), levy and collect assessments to pay for the services and facilities/amenities owned by the Association, and provide the services that are listed in the governing documents for the owners within the community.

Membership in the Association is mandatory and automatic to all property owners within Quail Forest. When someone purchases a property in Quail Forest, their property is already encumbered by the recorded Deed Restrictions; therefore, all obligations cited in the restrictions, as well as any state statutes applicable to associations, automatically apply.

Your Association is governed by a Board of Directors (Board); there are five directors who are elected by the membership through a nomination and election process. Any member may run for a Board position. The Board serves in a voluntary capacity and does not receive compensation for their service. The Association contracts with a professional management company to perform the majority of the duties in the day-to-day operations of the association. The management company is:
Creative Management Company (CMC)
8323 Southwest Freeway, Suite 330
Houston, TX 77074

The Association has committees which offer various opportunities for homeowners to become involved. If you are interested, please email (put Quail Forest Committees in the subject line). Committee information will be sent to you and you can decide where your interest, time, and talents would be best utilized.

The annual assessments and annual meeting notice are mailed to all property owners, as required by state statute. All other community announcements, including Board meeting agendas, are sent via email through this website. We ask all owners to register their email address and phone number with CMC. All contact information for the members is kept confidential and not used for purposes other than association matters. It is not financially feasible to send out community updates and notices of Board meetings and community events by mail. We also have a monthly newsletter that is free to the HOA and is provided by an area publishing company who sells area advertising and the HOA submits articles particular to the Association and community.

If you rent your home:
• Update your contact and mailing information with CMC; otherwise, all notices, including annual assessment statements, will be mailed to your Westover Park address. Each owner is responsible for updating the association with their current mailing address.
• Provide your tenants with a copy of the deed restrictions and state in your lease agreement that they are responsible for abiding by all community rules.
• If your tenant has a deed restriction violation, a letter will be sent to them and you. As the owner, you are ultimately responsible for the actions of your renters and any enforcement actions will be taken against you as the property owner.
• If you have a rental home, decide whether you or your tenants will receive the amenity access card- we cannot issue these to both the tenants and absentee owner.

If you are the tenant:
• The HOA wants you to be aware of all the community rules and you are encouraged to contact the management company and obtain a copy of the deed restrictions and amenity rules if they were not provided by your landlord.
• You are welcome and encouraged to participate in any of the HOA community events and become involved in any of our committees – we want you to feel a part of the great community.
• You, like any property owner, are responsible for abiding by the rules/deed restrictions that govern our community.

If you sell your home:
• You still must pay your assessments even though you intend to sell your home to avoid the late fee and finance charges. The mortgage company will prorate your paid annual assessments as of the closing date and you would be refunded the prorated amount from the purchaser as part of the closing transaction handled by the title company.
• The mortgage company will send CMC a copy of the top page of the conveyance documents to show the property was sold and when; CMC will then remove you as owner and add the new owner.


  • Recreation center, with swimming pool and baby pool and playground
  • Two lighted tennis courts, also set up with a basketball goal
  • The pools are managed by a professional lifeguard company and are open weekends in May, full time 6 days a week during the summer and weekends through September – schedule is set based on the school district calendar. Pools are only open when lifeguards are on duty. See Facility Hours for more information.
  • Pools can be rented for private parties, outside of the published community swim schedule, from May through September. There is a rental fee and a lifeguard fee for private parties. All party requests are handled by Aquatic Management of Houston. Call 281-446-5003. Your assessments must be paid current in order to request a private party and they will verify that information with CMC.
  • Access to the community pools and tennis courts is by a programmed access card. Each household who was current on their 2018 assessments were issued one complimentary card in May 2018. Additional cards and replacement cards are available by request with payment by check through the mail to CMC. Guests are permitted at the pools but must be accompanied by a resident with a current access card.
  • The same key card is required for access to the tennis courts. Assessments must be paid current in order to purchase a key card.
  • Access to the restrooms is also available with the programmed access card from 7am to 10pm There is a camera surveillance system in place at the amenity center to monitor the facilities against vandalism.
  • Access to the recorded data is only available to the HOA Board, Management and Law Enforcement officials. This is not a security system for anyone’s protection but rather a system to dissuade vandalism.