Application for home improvements and modifications please allow 25 days for an answer so plan accordingly–you will be notified by letter sent via email so please make sure to include your email address

In an effort to provide and protect each individual homeowner’s rights and property values, it is required that any homeowner or group of owners considering improvement(s) and/or change(s) to their home or property submit an “Application for Home Improvements and Modifications” to the Architectural Control Committee. If any change is made that has not been approved, the Association has the right to require the homeowner to remove the improvement(s) and/or change(s) from the property. Approved projects must be completed within 120 days of approval or be re-submitted.


    Requirements listed below for: improvement or modification

    With the exception of painting, screens, roof and doors, everything else requires a lot survey. Color samples, materials, dimensions, details are required on all improvements or changes and most need pictures or brochures or spec cut sheets. (see below) without necessary items-your application is denied and returned for completion and resubmittal

    Basketball goal (permanent)—pictures/dimensionsPatio-or storage bld see requirements belowWrought iron fence & gate- picture & dimensionsPool/spa-drawings - supplied by pool companyPlay equip or swing set pictures/dimensionsPatio cover/arbor/gazebo room addition-see belowstorm door -picture (front) (back)Deck drawing/dimensionsSolar screens- screen sample & what windowslandscape, tree removal or tree plantingYard art or landscape. Border -dimensions/pictureShutters- picture paint sampleSprinkler system-show loc. Of sprinkler headsRoof- shingle sample & # of warranty yearsGutters/siding-color sampleLow voltage landscap. Lights-pictureExterior painting-sampleSatellite dish-locationFence/stain sample & heightOther

    If Other Please Describe:

    Who will do the actual work on this improvement?

    Any painting or stain must have color samples provided or your application will be returned

    Painting or stain: please state new paint color & provide sample:

    Portion of the house to be painted:

    Trim color: (include soffit, fascia, and window trim)- provide paint sample:

    Accent color (includes shutters, windows hoods & exterior doors)-paint sample

    Satellite dish: state size of dish

    State location/placement of dish—show on lot survey:

    Storage building, patio or patio cover ,gazebo or arbor application must have a photo, brochure, or drawing; dimensions, materials, color, and a lot survey showing location

    Height of building or patio cover at highest peak:

    Application width:

    Will be returned length:

    Square footage of bulding/patio:

    Show on survey where in your yard your modification , project, building, change or addition is located: (provide lot survey with location drawn on it) this is essential. ~ (a lot survey is a drawing of your property showing easements and building lines. This came with your closing papers)

    We need to know how your improvement will look when finished

    Materials Necessary for Proposed Improvement or Modification

    What you will use in your project:


    If other, please describe:

    Lumber Type:

    Brick Type:

    Screen Type - Location of windows to screen (Need name and sample of screen):

    Fencing Material (Provide Lot Survey):

    Height of Proposed Fence:

    Please read below and follow instructions so your application can be processed timely. If the necessary items are not provided, your application will be denied and returned for completion and resubmittal.

    All applications must include a lot plan/survey, which shows the house, lot lines and easements. In addition, plans, sketches, drawings, illustrations, photographs, dimensions, and material samples should be provided to sufficiently describe the project in detail. A copy of any applicable city/county permits must be included. Please include a sample of all improvements! (Example: Paint chip/swab/swatch, roofing shingle, siding sample, solar screen sample, etc.) If you should have any questions, please contact:

    CREATIVE MANAGEMENT at 713-772-4420

    In signing this application, I certify that all the information provided by me in connection with my application, whether on this document or not, is true and complete. I understand that any misstatements; falsification or omission of information shall be grounds for denial of this application. I further understand that the Architectural Control Committee has 25 days upon receipt to review my complete application and I agree not to begin property improvements or modifications until the Committee notifies me in writing of their decision. I have answered, truthfully, all questions pertaining to the proposed mentioned improvement or modification and have attached all samples, plans and permits required.

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